Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thank You/ Terima Kasih/ 谢谢

1.Thank you Mr Sunny and family from China who spent 10 days 9 nights ( 18/03/13 - 27/03/13 ) in Kak Ngah Cottage, Setapak Ria Condo.

2.We are really happy to have you as our guest and as our new friends.

3.Appreciate on the nice verbal comments and suggestions given to us.

4.We will serve our best and give our guests the most comfortable place to stay.

5.Congratulation Mr Sunny and family on the participation in the MM2H Programme.

6.We hope that you will return to Kuala Lumpur soon.

7.You can contact us through email ( as usual ) or WeChat ( id: Adios_Adi ).

8.In the next KL visit, maybe we will be your family private tour guide and bring you to the best and interesting places in Kuala Lumpur :)

Above: Mr Sunny showing thumb up to our representative at Wangsa Maju LRT Station
Above: Mr Sunny and his wife saying goodbye before boarding the LRT to KLIA

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